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DAS stands for Distributed Antenna System. DAS is a wireless radio communication system during emergencies. It is necessary for communication and required for fire protection. You can get the installation, maintenance and other services from us.

We handle testing, design, and deployment for Public Safety DAS and ERRC systems to make sure your buildings are up to the latest safety codes and regulations.

Working Process


Profesional Survey

A survey is necessary to ensure the optimum coverage. The team of professionals will visit and survey your building. Therefore, they will make a decision about the installation


Install Signal Booster

Public safety DAS needs a series of repeater to boost up the signal. The team of technicians will install the system according to the survey run by the professionals


Boost Frequencies

The public safety das is more effective than the cellular DAS. Because it can boos up the radio signals. Frequency boosting is essential during emmergencies like fire in the building



During the fire, it is the only way to communicate with fire service. The DAS system can be connected to intercom system. And, the two way radios will help you to communicate outside.

Why Choose Us For Public Safety DAS?

  • Reputed Company:  DAS Public Safety is a reputed company for providing DAS system installation and maintenance services.
  • Experienced: We have decades of experience providing safety services for our clients. Our experienced team can make the system more effective and convenient to use. 
  • Satisfied Customers: We have a lot of happy customers. They can feel safe inside the building. Because the communication system will help them during emergencies to communicate. It gives them peace of mind.
  • Professional Service: As a reputed company we always maintain our standard of quality. So, you can expect professional service from us.
  • Commitments: We provide 3 years warranty for equipment. In addition, we are committed to providing a safe and secure system for you. 
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We are trying to provide more sustainable and reliable public safety DAS system so that you can feel more secure.

Best Emergency Solution

It allows the people inside a building to call outside when other signals are weak. If any fire occurs inside, an unwanted situation can appear.

During emergencies, there may be no signal. So, many companies are required to install a public safety DAS as a precaution. We can provide you with the best solution for the system. And, it will surely give you peace of your mind.

Use it when regular network not available

Communicate During Emmergencies

It is essential to save a life. National Fire Protection Association mandates emergency responders. So, you need to install a perfect system for emergency communication. 

The cellular frequencies may not work during a fire. Without a boosted radio signal, it is not possible to communicate with fire services. 

As an experienced and reputed company, we offer installation and maintenance service for the system. We will make sure that your building is compliant with mandatory regulations set by the authority. 


We always try to do the job at the lowest possible cost as a reputed company.

5 Stars Customer Service

Our customers are happy with our services. We provide the exact solutions that our customers need.

Best Emmergency Communication System

There is no alternative to public safety DAS for emergency communication.

Consultation & Planning

We are always helpful to our customers. You can contact us and consult with us anytime.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are all certified and skilled. They have training and experience to install the system.

Awards & Milestones

We have decades of experience and awards for our services


Josh Boone Happy Customer

They are very proactive and the overall service was great. It is a complicated office building. But they install everything successfully. Recommended for everyone

Santiago Stone Happy Customer

I am satisfied with the service of DAS Public Safety. The technicians were very sincere. They came to work timely and did the installation as needed

Tyrone Allen Happy Customer

Has a wonderful experience with DAS Public Safety. They did the best work at a resonable cost. You can hire them for the safety of your building

Margaret Bradley Happy Customer

I think DAS Public Safety is the best for installing a two-way radio service. I am happy with their work. Now I can feel safe. Thanks for everything.



    It can increase the safety and productivity


    DAS system will provide a safe place for students

    Fire & EMS

    Ensure fast response to fire and other emergencies


    Real time response for serious health issues


    Quick and exceptional service for the guests

    Law Enforcement

    Ensure public safety and immmediate response


    Improve performance through integrated communication

    Oil & Gas

    Mining and other communication and instant response


    Event management, alarm, work order and other solutions


    Workplace safety and other communication


    Empower utility by using two way radio communication

    Experienced. Professional. Reliable.

    Depend On Signal Boosters

    Up to 3 years warranty on equipment

    Lifetime technical support

    Guaranteed customer satisfaction